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Starting at the age of nine, Chase Austin displayed fervent capacity for all things musical. This future Music Producer/American DJ made a name for himself due to his energetic, hyperactive, and engaging performances throughout Northern California.


With a diverse musical background (including the playing of multiple instruments, utilization of diverse genres, and exclusive venue performances), Chase Austin challenges his listeners to consider the abstract insanity of his medium and inspires them to open up their minds to previously unknown musical possibilities. In his struggle to live with the challenges of ADHD, Chase Austin channels frantic-enthusiasm into his music resulting in glitchy patterns, creative tempo, catchy melodies, and fresh creativity; all while deeply moving and connecting with his audience.


Whether competing in DMC battles in San Francisco with his scratching, beat-juggling and finger-drumming, or performing at exclusive events in California’s Central Valley, his insightful ability to gauge and steer the atmosphere is guaranteed to increase the enthusiastic response of any crowd. Inspired by the likes of Daft Punk and Deadmau5, this California-based producer gives you a sense of a Electro House-Punk vibe which shows through his music, giving off a very high “off the wall” energy while bringing a unique taste to the music scene.






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